Monday, July 07, 2008

Out with old, in with the new

After much deliberation, and a bit of convincing, we bought a new lawn mower.

If you're wondering why we had to buy a new lawn mower just ask Jed about the importance of putting oil in the lawn mower. He discovered that if you go without putting oil in a lawn mower for over three years it won't run that well.

He tried to redeem himself by changing the air filter, cleaning the carborator, and putting on a new spark plug, but the thing still sounded like a sick cow. After about a month of nursing the mower along, it died. So we begun to look for a new one.

A 6.75 ft-lbs gross torque Briggs & Stratton Engine features MRS, a Craftsman Exclusive, and Ready Start (No Prime, No Choke) to provide easy and reliable starting. The Easy Deck Wash System makes it easy to remove grass clippings and debris from under the deck. Precision Plus Cutting System delivers high performance bagging, mulching with durable blade. Rear Drive Self-Propelled system provides superb traction, ideal for bagging and uneven terrains. Equipped with a 21" 3 in 1 Hi-Tunnel Style Deck that offers all cutting options.
• Briggs & Stratton Engine with 6.75 ft-lbs gross torque
• Variable Speed - EZ Walk - Rear Propelled Drive
• B&S's Most Reliable Start - MRS (Craftsman Exclusive)
• Ready Start (No Prime, No Choke)
• Precision Plus Cutting System (Craftsman Exclusive)
• Fully assembled
• 2 year limited warranty


Dinee said...

I was expecting to see a picture of Jed on top of his new ride on lawn mower.

Tay said...
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Tay said...

It's okay Jed, not everyone knows about oil cans. They're the ones singing, "If I only had a Brain."

I miss you guys.