Friday, September 12, 2008

Take A Hike Ike

After many hours of watching this storm come in, we have decided to evacuate this morning. Our windows are boarded up, our bags our packed, and we are headed North to Fort Worth. The storm serge in Galveston Bay is suppose to be 15-18 feet of water and that puts us in danger of flooding. Not to mention the possible power outages lasting up to a week. Elle couldn't go that long without her "hot milk sippy" as many of you know. Plus I don't want to take any chances that we would have to move quickly--with two kids, one being a two month old, we don't do anything fast any more. So farewell for now.
Elle seems to be weathering the storm well I think.


Trevor and Loralee said...

Looks like you guys are well prepared. Let us know where you are and how your doing. We love you and your in our thoughts and prayers.

Dinee said...

Best of luck to you! We'll be praying for you and will be anxious to hear how you're doing. This sudden evacuation stuff you guys keep doing really does make it tempting to move down there. Just kidding. Be safe and we love you!

Meredith said...

Hey guys! I'm glad you made it home safe and that your house is still in good order, that is fabulous news! Sydney has been wondering all morning where her Elle is today, so sad! :( She misses her little play mate, they had so much fun. It seriously was so fun to have y'all and hope we'll see you again soon - before another evac order, that is! I'll get some funny pictures of the girls to you soon! Happy cleanup! :)