Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The House That Elle Built

We have had this little gingerbread house kit for about 5 years or so. Every year we just seem to not have time for it. This year while we were getting the house decorated for Christmas Elle found it. Every day she would ask if we could make the gingerbread house. So for Family Night we made this cute little gingerbread house. Note a few things about this house that are my favorite:
the pink "bow" aka gumball hat on the gingerbread girl
they go very well with her yellow eyes (a liver problem maybe:)
the porch lights
the stone chimney
and the paved porch in the back. (this must be a zero lot line house)
After we were all done, Elle said, "Thank you for making my gingerbread house. That was so very sweet of you!"


Carina Olsen (Kat's Photography) said...

That is sooooooo cute! What a fun tradition.

Heidi said...

It sounds like such a great FHE! And it sounds like Elle loved it!