Friday, April 20, 2012

Busy week

I didn't realize how busy my week was until a friend text me to check-in on life.  And I started thinking of the mosh of things that constitute a week.  (Time just feels like one big blob--with selected high lights every now and then)  I had a follow up Doctor appointment--but tests came back and luckily it wasn't as bad as anticipated and everything looks fine.  Zander had his very FIRST dental appointment.  Which went rather well considering we waited in the office an hour and twenty minutes before they could see us.  There was a little kid, about Zander's age, that had gone back before us, and you could hear him screaming clear out in the waiting room.  I did all I could to distract Zander from the sound.  So, a fifteen minute check-up later, Zander proudly walked out of the office with a Sponge Bob sticker and a little bag with a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste.
Elle lost her second tooth--finally!!  Her permanent tooth was already up behind the baby tooth so it needed to come out--like now. Jed gave her an ultimatum that she pull her tooth herself by Friday or he was going to do it.  He ended up pulling it.
So the tooth fairy paid Elle a visit leaving a pile of silver coins and some Barbie Mouthwash.  Zander keeps trying to pull his teeth out so he can have the tooth fairy come and visit him!
And we put in an offer on this house and they accepted it, so we are starting that LONG process.


Carina Olsen (Kat's Photography) said...

What the what? Where is this house? You can't just post that little tidbit and not include info.

Dinee said...

Dr appointments? Tests? New house? We are way way way out of the loop!!

Loralee White said...

Glad things went good at the Dr. LOVE the house- can't wait to see more pictures.