Sunday, June 03, 2012

Good Week

These last few days have been busy, busy, busy but through all of that... all good. 
Thursday we officially closed on the house. (Frustrating till the end!!!) We can officially start counting down the days until we move out of this prison!!--35
Friday was Elle's last day of First Grade 
Of course I was the one teary eyed (again)  I've come to this conclusion that I don't like endings.  Beginnings I'm okay with.
Saturday was the kids' first Swim Meet
Super proud of both my kids!  I don't know how my camera works,  and apparently wasn't actually recording Elle's events.  But this is Zander swimming 25Y backstroke.  I hope to have the video camera for next week.

and today we met at a Regional meeting where the 18th Stake in the Houston area was created.  With that creation, we ended up losing two wards from our Stake, a rearrangement in the Stake Presidency, and added a section of another ward as well as a new bishop. Ah, growth.  Very excited to have a large ward though.  


Dinee said...

Where are you moving? Utah, right???

Jed and Kallie said...

I wish!!!
Nope, still in Texas. We are doomed to live here until I learn to like it I think.

Jenny said...

I'm the same way with beginnings and endings. Why do things have to change so fast? Congrats on your house! I'm so excited to live closer to ya!