Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

As you probably know, we LOVE dressing up for Halloween.  Every year we pick a family costume theme. (With the exception of  three long years when I was in charge of our ward Halloween activity.  And then it was just throw something on, because I am running around crazy and a costume is the last thing I am concerned about!!!)  Any way, I haven't done that calling for years now--though I still have PTS syndrome over it.  
We take turns selecting a theme, and this year it was Elle's turn.  I know you are thinking, "Elle would never choose Batman!"  and you would be right.  She wanted everyone to be Strawberry shortcake characters (First of all, Elle has already been Strawberry and Second, that would leave Zander as Huckleberry Pie and Jed as the evil Pie Man--um, no) mermaids--(fun-for the ladies, the guys, not so much), fairies (ya, right!), and lastly puppies and kitties.  We thought of doing Cruella De Vil , the crook, and two dalmatian puppies, but Elle really wanted to be a kitty.  So here is the final compromise.  And I think everyone is happy.
Meet our cast:

This boy is so stinkin' cute!  I love the "ripped" ab muscles and the super strong arms. 

Elle totally fits the part!  Her costume is just dance wear she wears all the time.  We even inherited some black dance shoes that fit when we bought the house.  All we added to this costume was a black tail and mask. 

 I planned on wearing a different dress, but I found this dress the day of at a church run re-sale shop.  And found the ivy there as well.  They were using it to decorate their furniture that they were selling, but I ripped it down and took it to the cash register.  Splurged on the wig--definitely worth it.


Jed's costume was made from an old shirt and suit coat we had in our garage sale pile.  He actually lit his shirt on fire, and cut holes in the suit jacket.  He tried burning holes in the jacket, but it wouldn't catch fire.  Turns out it was made of wool--good to know if you ever need to run into a burning building.  Ditch the shirt, keep the jacket.

Happy Haunting!

The Greenfields 2012

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