Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crash and Burn

I almost called the Dentist and told him that we weren't coming. From the moment Elle woke up she was against going to the Dentist. But I thought maybe once we get there it wouldn't be so bad. Ha Ha Ha. She literally was kicking and screaming when I put her in the chair. And you all know how loud and defiant she can be. So the Dentist came in and tried to look at her teeth with me holding her, but that was not much help. They all seemed very relaxed and unconcerned with the whole ordeal, but I was completely embarrassed. Why can't I go anywhere with this child??!! They suggested that I just bring her with me to my next appointment so she can watch. When we got home I made her sit on the couch and brushed her teeth just like the hygienist would have. "See that wasn't scary at all."
"No it wasn't mom. Can I watch a movie now?"

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Trevor and Loralee said...

So Sorry! Have her call my kids- they LOVE to go to the dentist. Maybe they can help talk it up. Good luck!