Wednesday, December 16, 2009

S is for...

...STITCHES. The liquid kind.
November 21, 2009
I thought I could get a lot done for our up-coming Ward Christmas party while Jed and Zander were away. Ha ha! Our first stop on our list of errands was Hobby Lobby. The minute we walk in, Elle slips on the wet tile floor and falls right on the corner of a display case. I check to see the damage--praying that by some chance she had missed it--but alas, no instead gushing blood. Of course I don't have anything to put on it (I really should carry an entire box of Kleenex tissue with me at all times!) so I just apply pressure with my fingers while a kind passer-by gets me some Kleenex from their purse. So here is how the scene looks at this point. I am kneeling helplessly on the floor with Elle's head resting in one hand and the other hand on the wound trying to stop the flow of blood. Elle is screaming from the top of her lungs which makes me cry. Plus I start to feel very alone with Jed and Zander gone. I keep trying to tell myself to just "suck it up" which in turn makes it worse. Elle is covered in blood, as well as my arm and hand, and the floor. Got to love head wounds! Other people are staring at us wondering what in the world happened--remember we are at the front of the store. And over the loud speaker I hear the manager being paged. He eventually shows up with a first-aid kit and some paper towels. Phew! I get Elle and myself calmed down, cleaned up, and leave the building with crying stained eyes and blood covered clothes. I get out to the car and call Jed to ask him the age old question--stitches or no stitches? After calling three people in the Ward who work in the medical field (two nurses and an M.D.) and finding nobody home on a Saturday night, I have Jed call a friend of ours who is a third year med student (and who's daughter is well rehearsed in getting stitches) to come take a look. Luckily he was in the neighborhood anyway. After looking at the wound he suggests we go to the ER to get it stitched. The wound is too deep to use Super Glue and it wouldn't hold the skin closed.

Shucks :(

Thanks for coming over guys :)
So we head to Clear Lake (After Jed's kidney stone Elle calls it "Dad's hosibal" (that's how she says hospital). The Dr. says the wound is very clean and liquid stitches are as strong as regular stitches. I'm thinking "and less traumatic." So long story short Elle does better than expected being wrapped up in a sheet and sat on by a three hundred lb. male nurse. I got to be the "good guy" and sit by her head telling her what the Dr. is doing and that she's going to be fine. Here is a picture of the damage. So sad.
When our friends left our house they told Elle that if she was brave I would buy her something. Well as we are leaving the ER, Elle remembers this and holds me to it. She picked out this kitty and puppy. The puppy is quite appropriate; it is a hug and heal puppy that comes with a Vet kit and makes sounds.This is a couple of days later. The bruise looks incredible as the blood settled into her eye tissue. The cut kind of bled out of the Dermabond. Hopefully, there won't be a next time, but if so I will make sure she gets real stitches and not the deramond. I don't think it holds very well.

...Sea World, San Antonio
Thanksgiving Day
November 26, 2009

With no family around and no one coming to visit, we decided to take up a friends' offer to join them in San Antonio for Thanksgiving weekend. We actually spent Thanksgiving day at Sea World.This was Zander's first trip to Sea World and first encounter with Shamu. We loved the Shamu Show...miracles. There is just something so wonderful in watching your child experience the awe and wonder of Shamu; the flips, the jumps, the big tail, the power... I was so filled with joy I nearly cried. Of course we can't come to Sea World without feeding the dolphins--my absolute favorite thing. I actually talked Elle into holding a fish out for the dolphin and Jed even held one out with Zander! Shocking! I can't even get the man to pet a rabbit :)

November 28, 2009
2nd Day at Sea World
While at Sea World we got to visit Santa--in a couple of ways. Elle would have nothing to do with this Santa and of course wouldn't sit on his lap. And this is Zander screaming in terror. Got to love it! Notice the seashells on Santa's belt. Even the fish in sea get visited by Santa.

Our trip to Sea World wouldn't have been complete without a visit with Shamu himself. The Holiday Season has officially begun.

We had a wonderful little getaway thanks to some wonderful friends. In addition to Sea World we managed to fit in some Black Friday Christmas shopping (never forget that will we!!!), went underground to explore some caves, captured Zander's first visit to the Alamo, and as tradition took a stroll on the River Walk--which was incredibly crowed in part to exceptionally warm weather. Yes, Mark we didn't even need a coat. Can you believe it?!

Thanks again for letting us tote along. It says something when you can be together for five whole days and enjoy every minute of it :)


December 4, 2009

Proof that nothing is impossible. Last year you may remember that we got snow and it was a complete miracle. Well it happened again! This time not as much and it didn't stick...but still SNOW. This fluke snow storm broke two records. 1) Earliest snow storm on record. 2) Snow in Houston for two consecutive years. Quite exciting and I was SO glad I bought Zander a coat during the Black Friday sale! Some years we could do without one, but not this one. What a wonderful way to usher in the Christmas season. Remember Jed and I are from up North and get very home sick for the frozen white stuff. It's just not Christmas without it :)

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