Sunday, May 09, 2010

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. My kids were tolerable at church and Elle even went to Primary without a complaint. Awesome! Zander still hates nursery and won't go WHAT-SO-EVER, so Jed stayed with him the whole time.

This little girl gave me the best present a Mom could ask for. On our way home from pre-school Thursday, she was in her carseat and out of the blue says, "Mom, do you know how I got so smart?" Me: "How Elle?" "Because you teach-ed (that's how she says it) me!" So sweet. It made my day, especially because after that morning I was ready to ship her off to military school! She made some pretty cute things at school for me.
Jed couldn't have captured a more perfect picture. If you wonder what I look like most of the time---this would be it. Holding Zander in one hand and Elle at my knee. Only most of the time she is boobin' over something. But, not today!
So here is a funny story that happened today. I found the humor in it just because it is Mother's day. I found this dress at the store yesterday and fell in love with it. Finally, a dress with sleeves, covers more than my boody (Elle's alternative word for Butt) and I love the color. It reminds me of that blue Czech glassware that is found in the finest hotels in the world (A.K.A. Ritz-Carlton. I guess working for them did brainwash me a bit.) Anyway, people kept commenting that I looked so good in this dress and just loved the color. So of course that boosts your self-esteem some. When I got home and was changing out of it, I noticed something white on the backside of my dress. And guess what is was? Dried yogurt. Since church starts so bloody early in the morning we didn't have much time for breakfast so I brought a yogurt to feed Zander at church. He left the lid on the seat and yours truly must have sat up against it!! Fabulous right! How many people saw it and said nothing???!!!
Anyway, got to love being a mom. Even if it means having dried yogurt on your boody!
Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow members of the club...and the soon to be ones. (That's you Maren!)


Meredith said...

I love it! Been there, done that - except mine was an already-been-chewed fruit snack! Happy Mother's Day to you! I love Elle's hair by the way, very cute! I told Sydney the other day that Elle got her hair cut too and she said "Mom, I just miss Elle, when can she come and play at my house again?" I told her the next time y'all have bad weather! ;) Have a great week!

Heidi said...

You guys look so cute! Your kids are getting so big!

Trevor and Loralee said...

Cute post- being a mother is a wonderful thing. I LOVE elle's hair. She looks so cute!