Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another Step

Elle graduated from Trooper School! As Ms. Christine said, "This year has gone by fast." I agree. Where has the time gone! This was the largest graduating class with 16 kids going on to Kindergarten and a mere five returning.

This event was WAY harder than I expected. I choked through tears as Elle accepted her award for MOST CREATIVE, and the tears started flowing as a watched the end-of-year slideshow. I think what got me the most was the love that the High School kids have for my child (as well as the entire class). In fact Elle didn't want to come sit by me and Zander for the slide show, she wanted to stay with Miss Suzy. My emotions were somewhat attached to the Graduating Seniors who were also crying. My High School graduation was bitter-sweet, and those memories were inter-mixed with watching the first of many graduation days for Elle. I know this is a big change for all parties involved. For the Seniors it is moving on to College and losing touch with all the friends they have made along the way, for the Trooper kids it is beginning a different school and new friends to be made, and for me it is watching my little girl grow-up way too fast and starting school with the big kids this fall.

The graduation ceremony was held in the girls' gym.

Ms. Christine is the teacher who runs the program. She does an amazing job of teaching kids both big and small.

Miss Suzy

Miss Natalie

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