Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Domestic Divas (Part II)

I must say it's so much fun to have a friend to be crazy with. We must have this strong underlying desire to become domestic because we (I should say Emmaly) come up with all kinds of crazy ideas we want to try. This time she Skyped me (our favorite and fasted form of communication) to say that she had bought a retro pattern for a "sexy" apron. hhmm. Without seeing it I wasn't really sure what she was getting at. Not to worry. Seconds later she e-mailed me a picture of the finished product as well as the material required. They were indeed very cute and looked easy enough so we decided to get together on a quest to become domestic divas-- yet again.

Everything was going great. We got the pattern pieces, cut out the material and were well on our way. The kids hadn't started beating each other up so we had some time.

Step 1.
With right sides together, pin pocket band to pocket. Sew. Press seam up.

Easy right! For the life of us, we could not figure out what in the world it meant! After an hour conversation with my mom via web cam (thank heavens for technology) I finally figured it out. PHEW!! The first step is always the hardest right? :)

After two and half days of sewing, and retrieving a pattern piece out of the garbage, we finally finished our "sexy" retro aprons. We are so proud of ourselves! Our grandmother's however would wonder where they went wrong :)

So until next time in the adventures of DOMESTIC DIVAS...apple butter.


Emm said...

maybe we should start a blog :)

Heidi said...

Those are soooo cute!