Saturday, October 31, 2009

From Our Haunted House to Yours...

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treating at the neighbors.
Zander had a hard time carrying the bucket, it's nearly as big as he is. However, he quickly learned that people put candy in it and then wouldn't let go of it.

My little monster

That girl's so sweet just like her name. Strawb-b-b-b-berry Shortcake.

We had the best weather--perfect for Trick-or-Treating. In the past four years (I can't believe we have been here that long!) we have had terrential rain, hot humid mosquito infested jungle like weather, more rain...but this year perfect. Love it! After trick-or-treating around our neighborhood we met up with some friends and went around their neighborhood for another two hours. The kids were exhausted (as was evident by Elle's tantrum on someone's front lawn. Oh, how she frustrates me to death!!) after a full night of gathering their loot of candy.

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