Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just a Little Funny

So here is a conversation I had with Elle tonight:
Me: Hey Elle, what have you got in your pants?
Elle: Hot Dogs. These are my pockets. (The plastic hot dogs were tucked into the elastic waist band of her jammies.)
Me: How come you have hot dogs in your pants? (Let's hope I never have to say that when she is any older!)
Elle: They're for my puppy. Zander is my baby poodle and I feed them to him when he gets hungry. Here little puppy! (As she shakes the hot dog in front of Zander who is chasing her around like a puppy.)
Who needs a pet when you have a little brother :)


Dinee said...

Too cute!

Meredith said...

We do that here too! Sydney and Mallory love to pretend that they are puppies...silly girls! Glad y'all are doing well! :)

Jenny said...

So cute! What a doll. Stevie and David love playing "puppy" (one of them will throw a ball and the other retrieves it in his mouth...:)