Sunday, November 08, 2009

Little Brother For Sale

Sunday's just seem to be incredibly busy. I am always rushing to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door for church. Well today was no exception. While I was trying to get my hair to cooperate, Zander was busy getting into my jewelry. I was getting a little on edge considering this was the hundredth time (Okay, I'm over exaggerating :) I had put all the jewlery back, shut the door, and scooted him out of the way. Elle could sense this and said, "Mom, are you frustrated? "
Me: "Yes Elle. Zander won't stay out of my stuff."
Elle: "Do you still want to keep him?"
Me: "Well, where would we take him? (Curious to know where she would take her brother.)
Elle: "To Walgreens."
It made me smile and remember to slow down life. My kids aren't always going to be so small and say the funniest, simplest things. One day they won't be interested in what I am doing or need to follow me everywhere. They won't need or want me to do their hair or help them brush their teeth or read two books (at least!) to them before going to bed. Or need to be hugged and want me to hold them. And while those days seem nice now, I know somehow I'll miss those every day things of caring for them while they are little.


Meredith said...

I have to constantly remind myself of girls will only be little for awhile so I try to do my best to enjoy it while I can; but sometimes it's harder than others! :)

Dinee said...

Thanks for reminding me where my priorities should be. I've struggled these past few days with a certain 2 year old.

Jenny said...

I know--I complain about my kids so much, but when I think about how short this time--the time where they still need me--is so short, I get teary-eyed. Such a cute story.

Trevor and Loralee said...

Well said!!!