Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Great American Road Trip

Here is the beginning of our 23 day trip to Utah.
We kept going back and forth on if we should go or not. We had my cousins wedding to go to, my Granny's 90th birthday to attend, Jed's family reunion, Father's Day, and and and ...not to mention the fact that we hadn't been there since last summer. But there were family issues and cost and a bunch of things so we decided we just weren't going. Well, I'm not sure who talked who into it, but we decided we needed to be there. But by this time, airfare was too expensive and our only option was to drive it. It takes at least 4 days out of your week vacation to do it, so to make it worth while, Jed needed to fly home to work and come back to drive us home. I had a flight credit with Southwest that we could use---if there is availablity. We kept checking and checking for the days we needed and no such luck. Okay, well that settles it--we weren't going. Friday night June 11 we went to bed. Nothing packed. We weren't going.
Saturday morning Jed is out mowing the lawn and I come out to say Good Morning. "Did you check the flight today?"
"No, we aren't going."
"Well, just go check it anyway."
I go check the flight and low and behold it IS available. I go running outside.
"Guess what? It's available. Now what do you want to do?"
"Book it. And then we'll discuss it."
So I go ahead and book it. After Jed finishes mowing the lawn, he comes in and we try to figure out what we are going to do. We can't get a flight back into Salt Lake City when we needed, so we decided that we would book a return flight to Denver and I would drive that much by myself to pick Jed up there. I'm hoping that the flights will open up as we get closer to that day, but this is a back-up plan just in case. With that done, I begin packing myself and the kids (Jed is on his own) for our journey west. We left Downtown Houston (After stopping in at Jed's work in order to get things arranged for being out of town) at 4:30 p.m. Who says that once you have kids you can't be spontaneous!

To be continued.....

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