Sunday, August 22, 2010

Elle's 5th Birthday

My little girl turned 5 today! I think this day has been rather easy--especially since everyone told me that the fifth birthday is such a landmark. But you know what? Not even a tear! I think maybe it was because we were in Utah and not having to miss family--I don't know. Any way, no matter what, this birthday marks 5 years of growth in many many ways. My little girl is growing up. And life is continuing on.
We woke up early so we could celebrate Elle's Birthday before Jed flew home. We gave Elle a list of options she could do for her birthday and she chose to go miniature golfing at Cherry Hill. When we got there, I realized it was an excellent choice. Elle wanted a unicorn themed birthday this year and it turned out the golf course is castle/medieval themed. Perfect! We also bought a castle with 5 stuffed unicorn animals, off a cart there. Lots of fun.

Elle is still learning to hit the ball straight, but she is getting there. She of course liked all the fun obstacles associated with mini golf courses.

We had cake and ice cream at Gram and Grandpa's house. Grammie and Papa came over as well as Trevor, Lora, Brooklyn, Carson, Mason, and Savanna. In keeping with Elle's unicorn theme, we found a unicorn My Little Pony for her cake yesterday and a Pegasus one for her cake today. She was so excited and blew out all her candles.

Afterwards she opened her presents. She got so many fun things. We got her a Barbie Cruise Ship and some swim Barbies to go with it. I also found a Swim Instructor Barbie with a Kelly Doll that I couldn't resist, since we have been having swim lessons together. Grammie and Papa gave her a Princess hair dressing set, and The White's gave her a Princess beach towel, bubble gum machine, and green stripe shirt so she and Brooklyn can be "twinners". The grand event ended with a surprise from Gram and Grandpa---a new Barbie bike! No, idea how we are going to get it home, but at least she will have a couple of weeks to ride it. It was sad that Jed had to miss it all. He made it home later that night.
This time in Elle's life has been so much fun for me. She can comprehend more complex things and shocks me with all the little things she knows. I've also realized that even though she fights me on routine things like brushing teeth or cleaning her room, she will call me on it if it is not done. She also has become a great BIG sister. She and Zander have become the best of friends. For the most part they play really well together--maybe it is because Elle is good at being in charge and Zander is good at following commands :) Elle is very confident when she is with Zander. Lately she hasn't been wanting to say prayers, but when she "helps" Zander, she has him say all the things she would want to say in her own prayer---beautifully.
I really enjoyed teaching Elle's co-op preschool group. I just love to share my excitement of learning with her. I can't wait for Elle to start school this fall. I loved going to school and learning so many new things and I see that desire in Elle too. She had a wonderful experience with Trooper School and our co-op group over the past year and I hope she continues to have a great school experience.
Elle likes to make crafts, play games on the computer (esp. American Girls), help cook, play dress-up, have friends over, swim, and as of today, ride her bike.

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