Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zander's 2nd Birthday

My little guy is two! I can honestly say I am so amazed that we made it. It has been a very long year. As I was thinking about all the events that have happened in the life of this little guy I think him being in a cast for 6 weeks counts as an entire year by itself. In the short amount of time he learned to roll over, crawl, pull to standing, cruise furniture, attempt to climb stairs, and walk again! All the things a baby would do in an entire year :)
Zander is the sweetest little boy ever! He gives the most lovable "squeezes", and "sugar", and my favorite "snuzzies". He is also very smart and quite active--lethal combination! He usually has some scratch or bump or bruise on him--mostly his head and ALWAYS when I want to get his pictures taken. He climbs and jumps, and does somersaults and can throw and kick a ball. At Mesa Verde he climbed a 15 ft ladder by himself! (Of course Dad was right behind him.)

Elle is Zander's best friend and tries to do everything that she does. I totally relate to that. I always was trying to follow my brother's footsteps--which one time lead to falling off a rather tall slide and putting a nice cut by my eye. Zander was a little lost when Elle was at Trooper school and I think he is going to miss having her home. But I am looking forward to some one-on-one time with "my guy."

If you ask Zander what his favorite color is he will tell you "boo" (blue), but he picks green every time. And if you ask him how old he is he says "5" and then I say "no..." and he changes to "2". And he definitely is a two year old--his favorite phrases are "I wanna do!" and "It's mine!" Oh, the fun. Zander also absolutely HATES nursery. Even walking down the hall, he knows what his fate will be and starts huddling and clinging to your neck. We just have to walk away and let him scream it out. They have been bringing him back to us lately, so...

The night before Zander's actual birthday we had a little party with Grammie and Papa. They ended up driving home with us. They were coming down for a conference in Dallas and were suppose to be flying, but decided to drive instead. We got to spend a couple of days with them. They were leaving the morning of your birthday, so we celebrated early. We made Zander a chocolate cake with fudge frosting with a "Z" of marshmallows--his favorite treat! He can sing "Happy Birthday" and it is SO cute. He sang, "Happy to you. Happy to you. Happy to Elle. Happy to you!" and then blew out his two candles. Zander got a little trike and some new clothes, a microphone like Syd the Science Kid, shark (sharch) jammies, a Little People airplane, and Little People Stand n' Play Rampway. Zander loves cars and motorcycles and trucks of every kind. He gets so excited when he hears a motorcycle rev or a big truck honk or shift gears--his Grandpas and Uncles should be so proud! We had a really lazy day on Zander's birthday. We were still recovering from our expedition home and getting settled back into the routine of things. As I was getting ready to go pick Jed up from work, (he rode in with his parents since they were on their way out anyway) I found Zander sound asleep in the corner of the play room on the huge bear. So sweet. Happy Birthday little guy! We love you so VERY much :*

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