Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Great American Road Trip V

This is a picture I wanted to share for Father's Day. Jed is the best Dad a kid could have. He is playful, funny and entertaining and the kids enjoy every minute of it. (Don't you just love the car!)
Father's Day

We drove up Sunday morning to Tremonton so we could spend Father's day with Jed's Dad and Grandpa. (Appropriate don't you think?)

This is one of my favorite pictures. This is Zander with his Great Grandpa (A.K.A. Great Crappa--long story) He grew up on the farm in North Dakota. The two of them standing out there, gazing upon the open field, to me is a visual bridge between four generations--the legacy being left behind for one and the future of the other.

We had a delicious BBQ and the weather was so beautiful. We had a fun time playing bocce ball and of course a game or two of cards outside on the patio. With family all together, we took the opportunity to snap a picture of the whole family together. (Well, minus Cimberee who was with her Dad.)

Also, since we were all together, we celebrated Elle 5th birthday early. The theme she wanted for her party this year was Unicorn Pegasus. (She did want a Unicorn Pegasus dress-up party (whatever that is :)) , but settled with unicorns.) Unicorns are kind of tricky to find, but we did find a My Little Pony Unicorn appropriately named Sweetie Belle. (Belle is Elle's middle name.)


Meredith said...

Aw, LOVE the family picture! You guys look great...what a special opportunity for all of you to be together!

Jenny said...

LOVE the picture w/ Great Crappa (Gotta love that name!) ;)