Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great American Road Trip II

A day and a half later and we finally made it out of Texas, Yipee! and into New Mexico. We stayed over night in Farmington, NM at a hotel that had a nice pool. The kids thought they were in heaven. We took a much needed rest and spent the morning swimming.

I started teaching Elle swimming lessons this year and she has really caught on. She was so afraid to even let go of the wall or jump to me and now is so brave--and a little too confident :)
On the way out of Farming, I talked Jed into stopping at the Aztec ruins National Monument. The name "Aztec" is a misnomer. Actually no Aztec people lived here; it was Publeo Indians. The site was being excavated while we were there so they weren't charging to see the ruins. BONUS! The kids had fallen asleep, but I dragged them out of the car anyway. No time to sleep when there is cultural waiting to be experienced!

This is a great site--especially for kids. It only took us about 45 min. to tour and no strenous hiking. We got to see ancient masonry work and archeticture and the"great kiva". What a great little taste of history; and we got to see real archaeologists at work.

Then it was through the corner of Colorado (mountains finally!) and into Utah. Here's a funny thing. We had been on lots of roads during our trip and not one of them was under construction. The minute we pass the "Welcome to Utah" sign, we hit construction and it lasts off and on all the way--including good old I-15.
Isn't this landscape beautiful. The blue sky, the green grass, and 68 degrees. I just love the red rock that Southern Utah is so famous for.

And still to be continued...

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Meredith said...

Wow, have fun with that! Ben keeps talking about driving up...sounds lovely! Have a great time!