Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Great American Road Trip III

So after 25+ hours of driving we arrived in Utah and wondered if maybe we could just ship the car home. We had a VERY busy schedule visiting all the family and attending some wonderful events.
My Cousin's Wedding

Brain has always been like a little brother to me. He's 5 years younger, almost to the day, and we would celebrate our birthdays together; he was in Kindergarten when I was in 5th grade and we would write to each other through the school Valentine postal service (I think I even still have a note from him); and I survived tending him and his crazy friends after school. I even got in trouble for telling him that a witch lived out in my Grandpa's backyard, and taught him naughty things such as the phrase "Oh, Fart!" and how to wrap a rubber band around the sink sprayer to get someone on April Fools Day. Ah, memories!

Anyway, Brian married Courtnie Cable June 17th at Heritage Gardens in Sandy. What a beautiful wedding ceremony. Brian's Uncle Danny (on his Mom's side) married them and spoke such wonderful words of love. I would love a copy of the ceremony because it touched me, and others, so deeply. It was all about hands and giving of one another.... anyway so beautiful. Their colors were purple and artichoke green. All the boys were there in tuxes (Brian has 4 younger brothers) including cute Braxton who has been undergoing chemo for a brain tumor and is completely bald (We love you Brax! Fight! Fight! Fight!) and of course the ever beautiful Brittney looked fabulous in green. Courtnie is an adorable, skinny, little thing. She looked gorgeous in her off-white gown and silk flower in her hair. She has a wonderful sense of humor--which one absolutely needs to be in the family. We always have so much fun together. I can't wait to get to know her even better. Courtnie is having a rather hard time moving to Cleveland with Brian and I totally relate. When we moved to Washington D.C. I cried from North Salt Lake to Kansas City, MO. So I really am feeling for her. On the other note, I did learn that they are officially the furthest relative and it makes me feel not so much the black sheep of the family:) Congratulations to the both of them. We wish them all the best and love them very much.

We had a great time catching up on the family news including meeting my cousins baby, Claire, for the first time. Here are some of the shots of my adorable Nieces and Nephews.
Zander, Carson, Savanna, Brooklyn, Elle, and Mason--being the goof-balls that they are. Love it anyway I can get it.
We fell in love with Mason on this trip. Last year he was hardly talking at all, and this year talks your ear off. He has the sweetest little voice and a smile that gets your goat. I love how he calls Zander "Z". Cute kid.
And these are the sweet girly girls. Savanna has definitely grown-up. Although not her hair :) Brooklyn and Elle are quite the pair. They love to read, get their nails done, and have sleepovers.

My brother's family

This is probably THE best picture of my brother--ever! I'm going to frame it and keep it forever.
I just love weddings!
Stay tuned for more fabulous re-caps of our vacation...

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